Complete Instant Messaging


Support for various file formats, including images, files, calendars, location, films and sounds


Read and unread lists are available for tracking the delivery of messages


Grouping messages based on topics for the better discussion


Build the unique culture of your corporation via the self-designed stickers.


On-topic Discussion

Employees can create discussion groups based on projects or departments, and make the discussion stay on topic through the Facebook-like post system management. Information will be no longer hard to find, and experience and knowledge can be passed on easily.

The most familiar user interface promises successful implementation!

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Integrate Company’s Directory Easily

Team+ is able to integrate with AD/LDAP directory services, giving employees the convenience of SSO(Single Sign-On)! Through synchronization, contact information of members is updated to the directory of your company in Team+ instantly. There is no more manual type-ins of employee information. In addition, employees can call colleagues on phone or extension and send emails. The diverseified communication is in one easy button press.

One-way Company Announcements

Based on individual needs, companies can release one-way company announcements, and assign administrators who can announce and control the number of posts. Important announcements are no longer overlooked.

Clear Job Assignments

The function of Team+’s job management supports companies to assign jobs orderly. You can interact and discuss with your colleagues instantly, and also report the working progress to supervisors and control the process of every project.

File Management on Cloud

On Team+, shared photos, films and document files in discussion groups are concentrated for users to search, manage and organize, saving the time of searching post by post. In the private cloud of your company, important documents are saved in the most secure environment. Information security is at its best!

Convenient Messenger Apps for Desktops

Team+ has instant messaging apps for desktops. The app starts up upon computer startup automatically and does not require web browsers. The interface of Team+ is clear and suitable for office use. (PC/mac are available.)

Unique Company Stickers

Sticker development platform for enterprise clients can offer stickers that match the culture of your company and communication settings, providing easy-to-use and convenient upload and management system. With little budget, the company can create its own look and unique team communication.

User Behavior Tracking Backend Management

Managers can understand users by assessing data such as users’ devices, activeness in group discussions and teams, and the usage of messages and posts. With numbers, managing communications becomes easy.

Strong Message and Information Center

Implement Team+ and make existing informations systems instantly mobile!

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