Brings More Convenience to Workplace Communication

team+ Messenger As a startup program with independent windows, TEAM+ Messenger makes it more convenient for you to communicate with your partners. When doing works on computers, you get notified of new messages, grasping all the discussion contents and important information. Being able to work and reply to messages simultaneously, you are to achieve greater efficiency at work!

Its Easy-to-Use UI Boosts Info Exchange

Designed based on the idea of user-friendliness, all the information in TEAM+ Messenger is clearly sorted and displayed. Moreover, you can send/upload multimedia files & documents simply through drag and drop, which not merely saves up time spent on file searching, but as well speeds up the file transfer.

It’s Not Just a Messenger

In addition to instant messaging, you can as well find other TEAM+ features in TEAM+ Messenger, including Teams, Tasks, News Feed, Announcements etc — Enjoy most features in TEAM+ without starting your browser!

Instruction for Installing TEAM+ Messenger

This version is only available for TEAM+ Cloud (trial) users. For TEAM+ Pro (on-premises) version, please contact the IT specialists in your company.
Download for Mac
Download for Windows

Step 2

Click one of the download links above according to your computer type, and you’ll be downloading TEAM+ Messenger.



Step 3

Proceed to installation after the download is done.
As it’s successfully installed, start your TEAM+ Messenger.


Step 4

Enter your Account and Password for TEAM+ Cloud (trial) and click Sign in.


Step 5

Congrats! You can now start using TEAM+ Messenger on your computer!