FAQ: Frequent Asked Questions

/FAQ: Frequent Asked Questions

Currently, Team+ is going through beta testing, and does not charge fees. Pricing will be announced in the future.

Creating internal interactive groups and providing appropriate incentive systems (such as giving “likes” to colleagues), not only strengthen the connection between employees, but also establish professional opinions more easily in the company. Team+ strengthens knowledge management of the company, and makes communication focused on work discussion and connects work with teams.

Team+ is very different from Facebook and instant messaging app for personal use. First, Team+ includes the convenience and user-friendliness of the above tools. With internet connection, anyone can easily use it. Secondly, team+ requires users to use company email address to register accounts. All discussion members are company employees. Without private contacts in the directory, the risks of leakage and mistakes are reduced. Furthermore, Team+ is more suitable for corporate use, providing collaboration tools such as simple file storage and job management. Users do not only “talk the talk”, but also “walk the walk”. This is the most significant benefit of Team+ pushing for corporate social network.

While working, are you constantly wasting time to change between different accounts in different messaging tools, emails, collaboration platforms and internal information systems? Are you spending huge amount of time searching for previous discussions or sent files? Your problem is the trouble of most workers. Imagine a platform that can complete all of the above functions. With one account, you can instantly contact internal and external work partners, share resources and information, and connect to the existing work platforms to make internal information flow more fluently.

Team+, the instant messaging and collaboration tool, makes work become more efficient. For example, users can share work-related discussions, messages and files with specific people through posts; users can manage access of information to ensure that important messages are not leaked. Communication can be categorized into different topics, conducted one-on-one or through groups, and used for job assignments or project management, in order to manage work and build internal database in the long run. This is the difference between Team+ and most social media websites and free chat rooms.

Team+ is developed by Every8d, the mobile communication solution provider for enterprise. Team+ is the mobile communication and collaboration platform that improves team productivity and meets the needs for information security. Incorporating the Facebook-styled community communication, and the mobile messaging function of instant messaging apps, plus collaboration tools such as cloud storage and online note-taking. Team+ effectively helps organizations and teams communicate, creating a healthier corporate communication environment.

Every8d, with years of development experiences with government agencies and financial institutions, provides thorough and deep safety control systems.
System Safety Management
1. Connecting to the information systems through an exclusive line to create a closed-loop network
2. Ensure information security.
3. Message Transportation Encryption: TLS certified to ensure message transportation security
4. Install profile certification: Manage individual device one by one
5. Mobile Device Management: Device safety and concentrated app management
6. Corporate directory integration service: To identify user
Mobile Device Safety Management
1. Delete all data on mobile devices remotely
2. Lock mobile devices remotely
3. Unlock passwords of mobile devices remotely

Please log in as “Corporate Administrator” (the first person to sign up at Team+ is the corporate administrator) and manage settings. For more information, please refer to “Team+ Message Information API Integration Standards”.

Yes, the “Message Information” unit of Team+ provides API integration services. Once the setting is completed, work colleagues can receive messages from the existing systems through Team+. It is completely free.

The integration setting needs to be conducted by the “Corporate Administrator.” For more details about the integration, please refer to the “Team+ Message Information API Integration Standards”.

  1. Logged in as “Corporate Administrator”, click “Message Information” on the left list.
  2. Fill in the messages and files you want to send, and press “Post” button.
  3. User can then receive the push notifications from “Message Information”

Different channels can be set with different topics, images, and followers. Any message sent can be received by only followers of the channel. First, log into Team+ web version. The instruction to add a channel is as below:

  1. Logged in as “Corporate Administrator”, on the left list, click “Corporate Management  -> Message Information Management”.
  2. Click the “Add Channel” on the right side.
  3. After fill in the information and change the image of the channel, click “Confirm”.
  4. After successfully adding a channel, click the “Followers” button.
  5. Click “+” on the upper left corner to add followers.
  6. Choose the followers and press the “Confirm” button.
  7. Complete the settings for the followers.

Message Information enables corporate administrators to make announcements to users, not only all users, but also specific employees from specific departments or locations.

1. On the timeline, find the post that you want to delete.
2. Click  pulltag  on the upper right corner, and then,a list would appear: Save post, remind me this post, delete post. Choose “delete post” to delete the post on the timeline.

Choose the bottom option  tab_groups_press and open the function.

  1. To add a group, tap on the upper-right corner top_addition of the “My groups” page.
  2. Fill in the name, the topic, the type (public or private) and introduction.
  3. After completion, click top_verifyto add a group.