team+ Makes Communication Smoother, Team Collaboration More Efficient, Information Security More Complete!

Industries using team+ have achieved great progress, with 4,000 corporations recommending team+.


Cross-country, cross-city simultaneous communication, making collaboration more efficient.

The corporate headquarters is in Hsinchu, but factories are in Kaouhsiung and Shenzhen, and a branch company in Los Angeles. Using team+ has changed the dysfunction and repetitive communication and fil-sending of switching between messaging platforms, such as using Line in Taiwan, Wechat in mainland China, Whatsapp in the United States. Now, with single platform, communication is smooth.

Instant push notification of production messages! Convenient mobile working!

Production managers often have to work mobile in factories and control the product yield rate of each production line. Through API and team+ integration, when there are errors in productions lines, warnings are quickly sent to the manager’s phone, to prevent further danger. Simultaneously, headquarters managers can periodically know the everyday yield rate. Messages are delivered even in meetings.





Private cloud/ Date self-storage, Remote data deletion, Mobile device management to ensure that confidential information is not leaked.

Under the principle of improving internal communication, discovering team+’s private cloud structure can ensure that data is stored inside the company, strengthening internal control. IT personnel can manage all devices through universal backend management. When phones are lost, confidential data can be remotely deleted; Even better, team+ can be integrated with license plate recognition system to automatically shutdown photo-taking function of phones for all car passengers entering the facility, to ensure information safety.

Scheduling and Location-based messaging to achieve the best communication, and avoid bothering irrelevant colleagues!

When managers have orders, they can schedule the message to office hours for colleagues to receive, not bothering the lives of employees. Work life and private life can be balanced, while increasing work efficiency. Location-based messaging can make sure that colleagues can receive specific messages when entering specific areas. For example, when the factory front door is under repair and employees are in its vicinity, a message can be automatically sent to notify employees to enter from the side door.





Sales performances are instantly delivered, increasing the speed of decision. Using voice messages to assign work can save calling costs.

Upper management needs to know the everyday sales performance, gross profit, inventory level and other data. In the past, they must organize all the sheets first and send by email. By integrating team+ and the CRM system, relevant messages can be push notified, and demand planning managers can order relevant materials at the right time. In addition, managers who are busy at all kinds of meetings can assign work through voice messages, saving the trouble of typing and calling costs, which is beneficial to cost control.

Create project group, establish information management center, easy for new employees to use!

Operations director can establish a group with all store managers. Aside from sending orders from the headquarters, each store can report customer situation, inventory order notifications, marketing project progress and errors. In addition, the stores can support each other, share operation experiences, record communication history, upload operation manuals, and share cases to fixed areas to let new store managers learn and reduce one-on-one training to the minimum to save communication cost.





Increase teacher-student bond and students’ interactive learning!

By integrating team+ with course enrollment system, enrolled students and teachers can be automatically grouped. Teachers can release syllabus in the group and know each student’s learning situation through student ID numbers. Students can post and discuss anytime, even hand in homework and extend teaching from classrooms to mobile smart devices.

Establish school administration platform! No barriers in college communication!

Increase communication and decrease meetings through team+, a user-friendly collaboration platform, principals and administrators can discuss quickly with deans and from a decision. In addition, through online authorization system, authorizing documents is easier, working mobile anytime and anywhere!





Integrate government communication and speed up administration efficiency!

team+ integrates the data from Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, so that all government employees can register and use. Not only cross-bureau, but also connects the central government and the local government to increase administration efficiency. Self-created meeting group function can integrate government meeting scenarios (regular and irregular). From inviting outside personnel, establishing forms, in-advance preparing, in-meeting discussion, to post-meeting recording and tracking can all be done in one single communication and collaboration platform.

Not missing important announcements! Effectively save government messages!

Government internal human resource orders, important purchase policy adjustment can be announced on the team+ platform, speeding up the process of promoting paperless documents. Most importantly, largely reduce sending government text messages. Through team+ meeting group function, one can send important information instantly, and let budget be used to meet cost-benefit.




Witnessed! team+ makes teams efficient, communication smooth!



















Government Agencies and Important Transportation All Use team+ Solution!