Understand team+ in 5 Minutes

“Team”: Taking Action Swiftly

The alphabets in the word “team” each carry different meanings. Through more open and more efficient communication, the team can response and exert synergy quickly.

“+”: Electric Charging and Extra Plus

The symbol for positive battery terminal is wrapped inside a speech bubble, symbolizing that team members can communicate and collaborate through team+ to create positive synergy.

Te amo: Love Your Work

By splitting the team+ logo, the Spanish expression for love “te amo” emerges. With team+, working is no longer tedious. Working together becomes interesting, and people are naturally engaged with team communication.



Team: I Support You

The pronunciation of team is similar to that of “support” in Chinese, indicating that team members can strengthen cohesiveness with team+.

The Team Behind team+: Every8d

Every8d, the development team behind team+, is the no.1 leader in corporate SMS messaging with multiple innovative patents and rich system integration experiences. Every8d provides efficient and effective internal communications solutions for enterprises, and its customers include a variety of industries and government organizations. Its development ability, service quality and information security are highly acclaimed. team+ is designed for the specific needs of local corporations and organizations.