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Let team+ Help You Boost Enterprise Operational Efficiency!

Designed exclusive for enterprises, team+ is now your best choice for workplace communication.

It offers you a wide variety of functions for smart enterprise communication.

Team Posts

Speed Up Decision Making Progress

Create teams based on their types – departments, projects or groups.
Set any discussion topics as you like.

Instant Messaging

Keep Workplace Communication Highly-Efficient

Read/Unread lists make communication more efficient.
Messages with files & stickers offer your the best communication experiences.

Video Meetings

Collaborate Beyond Physical Distances

Start video meetings anytime & anywhere.
In-meeting whiteboard & desktop sharing promote discussions.

VoIP Calls

Make Free Calls Anytime & Anywhere

Use team+ Contacts to quickly reach your colleagues by phone/ext. number.
Helps you reduce communication costs.

Task Management

Keep Every Task Under Control

Task assignee will be notified once a task is created.
Manage your tasks more efficiently with task status/progress reports.

File Management

Access Control On All The Team Files

Documents & media files are all gathered in one place.
Helps accumulate your corporate knowledge and experiences.

One-Way Announcement

Strengthen Important Messages

The best way to make important announcements to a large number of employees.
Bothered no more by different opinions.


Find & Reach Your Partners More Easily & Faster

Organize members into different categories.
Manage member’s access to reach the executives & confidential teams.

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Our High-level Info Security Ensures The Safety Of All Your Messages & Info

With independent management of workplace communication, team+ helps promote your work efficiency and security info level.

100% On-Premises

Focusing mainly on info security, team+ is a 100% on-premises application, with no info security concern.

Security control module

File transmission/removal restrictions, address book and external personnel viewing restrictions, IM retention period settings.

File Protection

To secure your sensitive info, all files are kept off the app-not allowed to be saved to any personal devices.

Cloud camera

Photos taken with mobile phone will upload team+ directly. Photos, videos, and files are not stored on the phone.

Message Encryption

As all messages are to be encrypted in team+ database, you no longer have to worry about information leakage!

Remote Wipe

Admins can remotely remove messages and access to team+ of terminated employees or members who lost their devices.

Message Audit

Satisfy enterprise needs for internal audit and assessment, keeping message contents and messaging efficiency in control.

TLS Encryption

In team+, the message transport is encrypted by TLS to keep the files & messages from being intercepted.


Full version of the watermark security tracking function, dialogue, files, photos, perfect protection of information security.

Now Is The Era Of Smart Enterprise Communication!

Focusing on efficiency & info security, team+ is not just an instant messenger-it also helps boost business operational efficiency.

API Connections

Connect to other systems you are now using, like ERP, HR, Workflow etc. with API to boost work efficiency.

Back-end Management

Besides account management, the Remote Wipe feature helps avoid terminated employees accessing confidential info.


team+ strives to satisfy all your communication needs and boost the operation of your enterprise.

External Member Management

Key Message helps you work with your external partners more efficiently and safely.

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We Has Led Over 4,000 Enterprises into The Digital Operation Era!

team+ combines communication with videos, audio and texts, enabling us to have comprehensive discussions on important topics and figure out the solutions at once.

– Lu Shi Ming, the Deputy General Manager of the CIO department of China Airlines

We create a team in team+ as we start a new project, so that employees can always report task progress, which helps us boost service efficiency by 20% to 30%.

– Huang Shi Chang, the Manager of the IT department of Kenmec Mechanical Engineering Company

With team+, many renown enterprises are now enjoying a highly effective and secure collaboration with their partners.

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We Provide Both Cloud & On-Premises Services

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team+ Pro

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Have a wonderful management experience with advanced features.

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team+ is to help lower your communication costs while boosting the operational efficiency of your enterprise.

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