Why Using High-Risky Social Messenger for Important Work Chat If There Is a Better Solution?

Common social instant messaging apps are just likes a bus which can be taken by anyone. However, the bus cannot protect your privacy and you may leak important confidential data while on the bus. Also, the bus only has one route, which may not satisfy your needs. Therefore, this kind of app is not only unsafe, but also inconvenient!

By comparison, team+ is like a high-class private sports car which helps your company achieve an intelligent, highly efficient operational status. The car only provides services for your company and only the team members designated by you can drive the car. Therefore, you can talk about your company’s confidential information in a safe and private space, so that you do not have to worry about information security. Furthermore, you can also obtain customized functions according to your needs, so you can always move in high speed along the route which you have designated!

All-In-One Enterprise Communication Platform Helps Your Company to Achieve High-Efficiency

More than 4,000 famous enterprises are using team+. We are experts on enterprise communication technologies.


With Three Super Values, team+ Is What Your Company Needs!

SUPER SAFE!Well protect your company’s confidentiality

Send public confidential data without worrying. You can completely control the inspection of information security

The private cloud can store all messages and files in the internal servers owned by your company, which cannot be accessed by people outside your company. All data can be completely stored for future inspection.

Separate public from private – you no longer have to worry about leaking confidential messages.

Only staff designated by your company can use the product. You no longer need to worry that your company’s confidential information will be sent to your friends or relatives!

No need to worry about former employees stealing confidential data.

Via the powerful remote deletion function, you can quickly delete conversation content on your cell phone and deny access to a specific account if your employees quit or lose their cell phones.

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SUPER EASY! Multiply the efficiency of your team!

Team+ can display the real names of all staff members, so the boss can find anyone without difficulty

The company contact lists for team+ are categorized according to departments, and display the real names of all staff members. This allows directors to easily find workers by sending messages, making phone calls or sending e-mails.

Team+ allows you to easily focus on one topic, and then efficiently make a decision

You can use topic discussion forums to achieve effective communication and document management, whether it is for important cross-department projects, periodic direction meetings, product development & innovation or discussing competitors, etc.

Receive messages at the proper time. Be considerate of all your staff members.

You can set the time and location for receiving messages as a part of scheduling in advance. You no longer have to worry that your employees are disturbed at midnight or during holidays, which would negatively influence their private lives. It is very easy to be a director who is considerate of your employees!
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SUPER SMART! Make task collaboration and communication more efficient!

Allocate tasks in an orderly fashion. Follow up on progress with precision

Via independent task management, you can clearly check all allocated tasks or allocated tasks to be finished. The progress report mechanism allows you to easily control what percentage of the task has been completed.

Accumulate knowledge permanently. New workers can easily pick up how to use the product

All conversation messages, post discussions and shared files can be permanently stored without download deadlines. Employees can understand all the ins and outs in a short period of time, which can significantly reduce your company’s training costs!

Connect all e-systems with one another. Deal with all messages at one time

Via the API mechanism you can connect all currently available systems with one another, such as ERP, HR, Workflow, etc. It also allows you to deal with and control all messages from different systems, which will significantly increase your efficiency!
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Team+ is recognized by many famous companies

Many famous companies, such as Innolux, CHIMEI, China Airlines, LCFUTURECENTER and Black Bridge Foods etc., have already selected the team+ Pro private cloud company instant messaging app as their internal communication tool. Currently, more than 4000 companies and groups are enjoying an increase in efficiency and an improvement in performance as a result of this product. Team+ Pro helps you to “work smarter”, which benefits group communication and cooperation! Please see our advertisement for more information about team+!