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Build Your Private Cloud and Secure Information

100% private cloud structured to meet expectations of companies for the complete information security. Team+ Pro is the ultimate platform for the internal communication and collaboration among colleagues. Messages and the shared documents are saved inside servers of companies with the highest security requirements, reducing the risk of leakage of confidential information.

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Complete API Integration to Improve Communication

Integrate the strong API of Team+ Pro with the information systems of your company such as ERP, CRM, POS, Workflow, etc. Information, messages and files from the information systems can be sent to specific accounts or groups easily. Important push notifications can be sent to the related employees to take immediate action.
Team+ is the mobile EIP for enterprises, the smartest platform for diverse messages!


Recommended by Renowned Corporations

Innolux, China Airlines, Chimei, LCFC, Blackbridge, etc. have chosen Team+ Pro’s private cloud instant messaging app for the internal communication. As of today, over 3,500 enterprises and organizations are enjoying the efficiency and effectiveness of “smart communication, smart working” which team+ Pro has brought to team communication. Learn more about team+ in this video.



User-friendly Interface and Convenient Management

For companies to implement smoothly, the interface of Team+ Pro and user experience is similar to that of Facebook and Line. Employees do not need to learn how to use Team+ for workplace communication. Moreover, messenger apps for PCs and comment notifications are specifically designed for employees to keep up with the work-related messages and leave no important matters unresolved.
Team+ also provides great implementation service with a complete variety of training materials, fufilling the needs of enterprises in every detail.

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Advanced Customization Service for Unique Corporate Needs

To accommodate the unique work process of each enterprise, Team+ Pro not only provides the standardized version with the complete functions, but also the partial customization service, such as the newly released function of uploading stickers, assisting enterprises to build unique functions and match the corporate culture and the work process.
Our 100% Taiwanese local-based team+ development team has accumulated extensive experience in helping corporations and governmental organizations build their own software systems, from needs assessment, planning, development to quality control. We are the best partner for the development of enterprises going smart and mobile!

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Unaffiliated with Telecommunication Brands

Team+ Pro is unaffiliated with any telecommunications provider, and does not promote telecommunications products. It is easy to implement for enterprises! Team+ is focused on improving corporate communication and collaboration. All resources are used for the development of the supreme product and the best service.

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Chosen by over 3,500 enterprises and organizations. Guaranteed quality.

Accelerating Towards the Age of Mobile and Smart Decision Making

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